MIND your words

As a society we must educate ourselves on what mental illness truly IS and ISN'T and we should not misuse diagnostic words.

Grief: What is it and how do I "just get over it"?

Grief is a complicated cycle of emotions that can affect our mental, physical and psycho-social health...read more...

Be mindful of your stress!

Learn some stress relief tips for the holidays below!

Benefits of Feeling Our Emotions

Emotions are meant to be felt. There are many reasons why it is beneficial to feel them instead of stuff them. Read more...

Are you part of the problem or solution?

How can you help your teen or adolescent during their counseling process? Are you a part of the problem or a part of the solution?

Remembering the Importance of YOU

During the holiday season we tend to become overwhelmed with buying things for other people and doing things for others. Although giving of our time, finances, heart and mind to others is great, we must not forget about taking care of ourselves as well.

The Anatomy of Anxiety

Anxiety is experienced among 40 million adults in America every year. It is a common issue that has biological origins and psychological, physiological and behavioral symptoms. Although society may tell us different, anxiety is not something to be ashamed of. I encourage you to look at this article which describes what our body goes through with anxiety and stress.

Loving your loved ones through grief

We grieve when there is a loss of something or someone. Grief takes on many forms and is experienced at different times, in varying ways and for an unpredictable amount of time. Going through this process is difficult when we are single, but can complicate and even create separation when we are going through it in a relationship or marriage. I heard the phrase from a client recently "I don't know who to be for him/her, but I am struggling too". This made me think about and discuss the importance of asking each other what the other needs in times of emotional struggle.

How can you help if your child is getting bullied?

One of my many experiences in treating adolescents and teens has to do with the subject of bullying. It seems that bullying in schools through text and notes as well as cyber-bullying has become an epidemic with the anonymity that the internet and texting provides. Bullying is a sad but common act in adolescents and teens and always has been. The forms continue to change and the language seems more harsh. Clients that have been bullied have expressed feelings of worthlessness, depression, fear of going to school and have even engaged in self-harm behaviors.