The Inspiring Change Counseling Philosophy

Finding the strength to admit you may need the help or guidance of a professional therapist is the first step in your journey to feeling better and living life to its full potential. Taking that step can be hard and I am happy for you that you have decided you are worth it.

As Licensed Professional Counselors it is our passion and privilege to walk along side you through any struggle you may be encountering. Whether it is a relationship issue, anxiety and stress, depression, grief or even substance abuse or addiction, we would be honored to be able to serve you.   It is our goal to provide an environment for our clients that is inviting, warm, safe and comfortable. As Solutions Focused and Person Centered therapists it is our desire to share compassion and empathy and provide you with judgment-free counsel.

Together we can establish goals that fit your needs and develop skills to achieve those goals. We believe that exploration of the past is necessary in order to help us understand our present and better plan for our future, therefore we do incorporate that into the practice.  We are interested in multiple facets of your life in order to allow us to help you the best we can. We incorporate family history, health history, emotional history, environmental stimuli, social history among other information for individualized treatment planning.  Our therapeutic approach is developed and molded throughout the relationship in order to best serve you as a person and not a diagnosis.

We believe to reach our full potential we must incorporate our mind, body and spirit and view therapy as the beginning of positive change through taking care of the most important part of you, your brain.   Educating our clients is an important way for us to know that we are providing you with the best possible care. We provide psycho-education on what you may be struggling with from evidenced based research, as well as help you advocate for yourself with doctors if you need medications.  

It is important that we view struggles as just that. Things that with time, effort and learned balance we can overcome. Although not always easy and sometimes very difficult, we will work with you to help you learn to feel the best that you can and embrace growth and change.